Vanessa Cruz


“I’ve Always Wanted To” is a show about all the things you have always wanted to try in South Florida but have never actually gotten the chance to do. Host, Vanessa Cruz, takes you on her journey as she crosses off all the things she has always wanted to try. With everything the city has to offer, we make sure to show you all the things you, too, can check out in South Florida.


Getting to swim with the dolphins is an unforgettable experience and being in South Florida, it can easily become a reality! The Miami Seaquarium was founded in 1955 and is one of the oldest aquariums in the United States. From different animal encounters to exciting shows, there is so much to experience at their location in Virginia Key on Biscayne Bay.

On this episode of “I’ve Always Wanted To,” our host, Vanessa Cruz, gets up-close and personal with some of the dolphins that call Miami Seaquarium home. The Dolphin Odyssey Experience, which is the encounter Vanessa was on, allows you to explore the ocean’s most loved creatures. You’ll get to give and get kisses, handshakes, belly rubs, learn some of their training techniques, and feed your new friends. The experience is topped off by a dorsal pull – or as you may know it, swimming with the dolphins!

For more information on the Dolphin Odyssey experience, visit: https://www.miamiseaquarium.com/things-to-do/experiences/dolphin-odyssey

To learn more about the Miami Seaquarium, visit: https://www.miamiseaquarium.com/


Most Floridians live on the water- but while boating and water sports tend to be the most common, sailing is a great skill to have that not many possess. On this episode of “I’ve Always Wanted To,” host, Vanessa Cruz, meets Captain Jeff to learn all there is to know about properly sailing and navigating a classic sailboat. From understanding the navigation system to the workout that comes with raising the sails, Captain Jeff makes sure that Vanessa learns what it takes to survive out at sea.

Even though Vanessa gets a one-on-one course, Captain Jeff offers some more relaxing and fun adventures with his tours that you can book at https://www.sailingadventuresmiami.com/


The Miami skyline is one to admire, but have you ever seen it from 1000 feet in the air with a huge parachute strapped to your back? Well, now you can try it for yourself! At Miami Beach Ocean Watersports you can fly high above the Miami Skyline. As the one of the only parasailing companies that takes you up so high, it is the perfect adrenaline punch for the adventure-lover.

On this episode of “I’ve Always Wanted To,” host, Vanessa Cruz, conquers her fear of heights to get the absolute best views of the Miami skyline and forgets why she was ever scared in the first place.

You can learn more about Miami Beach Ocean Watersports at https://miamibeachoceanwatersports.com/