Lifestyle - Neighborhood Highlight

Coconut Grove

I know what your thinking- you’re The Beach Channel. You only know about THE beach. But the fact of the matter is The Beach Channel is in all things Miami. The Beach Channel airs from the southern Palm Beaches to the keys so there is plenty of great fashion, dining, and lifestyle to cover.

We wanted to do some neighborhood highlights for the hoods that make up South Florida. We’re actually run out of Coconut Grove so we thought it’d be a good place to start. The Grove is a hippie neighborhood with a bohemian vibe. There’s lots of green space.

Every year there’s an art festival: The Coconut Grove Art Festival

Another hippie element? Coconut Grove is home to an amazing vegan food hall. Choices cafe is a place where you can get pizza, bbq, icecream, burgers- all vegan. If you’re skeptical about vegan food Choices may be your entry to the “dark side.”

It’s a great place to live, and definitely to work. What Grove spots do you think need to be covered by The Beach Channel? Let us know!

Madison Keith